What We Do

Owning a successful business is an ideal that has deep roots in the American dream. The reality of the corporate world is that the success of the company comes from the employees that keep the business running. Knowing how to manage workplace conflict, keep employees on task, equip them with the skills they need to complete their work, manage wages and benefits, and ensure that employees are being heard and treated fairly is what a great human resource department is for. But what if your business is too small to maintain a human resource department? What if you would like to begin but don’t know where to start? KS Consulting is here to fill that void. We are a virtual Human Resource consulting firm ready to equip you and your business with the keys you need to manage your employees. We are also here to equip professionals looking to further their careers or get started. Whether you are a large or small business owner looking to strengthen and build up your employees or an individual trying to get ahead in your career, KS Consulting is the place to begin.

Career Development

If you are a seasoned business professional looking to advance your career or learn how to compete in the ever-changing workplace, KS consulting can help. New business professionals will find that we can give them the edge and confidence they need in order to make the first step into the corporate world.
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Corporate Support

At the root of every successful business is an administration that has employee development and satisfaction as the foundation of its core values. Every business plan should make professional training and support a priority. We can help you develop a human resource plan that will address current and future needs.
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Contractor Support

If you are an independent contractor looking to compete with others vying for the same positions, let us help you rise above the rest. We can help you build a presence that will reflect who you are, your values, and what you have to offer. We make great partners and can stand alongside you; you do not have to forge the path on your own.
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Community Philanthropy

At KS Consulting, the belief that our responsibility to the community is inseparable from who we are is at the base of all we do. A portion of every contract signed is donated to those in need in our community. We support and encourage our clients in their ventures to reach out to those around them.
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Who We Are

KS Consulting is a group of HR professionals who are passionate about what we do and want to bring that passion to your workplace. Our motto is “All Things People and Culture.” We believe that business growth and success depends on the atmosphere and the culture it fosters. The confidence, success, and attitude of your employees will help establish the culture of your business. In order to cultivate a atmosphere that makes a business a place that people want to come to every day, it takes time and investment. Let us pour into your employees by providing the training and support they need for success.

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