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What We Do

Our firm brings a unique blend of Human Resource, Finance, Operations, Branding, and Project Management experience coupled with certified Counseling and Coaching services to businesses who need to outsource specific human capital projects or entire corporate service functions.

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Program & Administrative Support for Government Contractors


Who We Are

During the economic crisis of the mid 2000’s, many of our founders professional contacts began reaching out asking for assistance in the navigation and resolve of the human capital challenges we all faced during that time. Unable to stay in business with full time resources on staff, she traveled the United States as an outsourced partner to owners and executives of private companies and federal contractors designing human capital optimization plans pro-bono. As if forged from necessity or serendipitously KS Consulting was formed in 2009 with many of those same clients who remain as paying customers today.

Focused on effective change management, giving each component its appropriate gravity the KSC team provides individual career satisfaction and empowerment combined with productive and conscious businesses. We are confident our approach will undoubtedly result in stronger communities for our families, most importantly our children.